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Originally Posted by (I^2)R/746 View Post

It's not the first time somebody has complained. This seems to be a major sticking point with this endeavor of yours. I have been waiting a couple of months as well. I don't think anybody is asking you to be "manly" they just want an idea. Preferably up front. I think you guys might really have something here but at this pace it's a dud.

Have you considered outsourcing production? It's winter time and there's lots of smart folks on this board who probably wouldn't mind a little bench work. Perhaps have somebody make batches, send to you for QA, then you send out. Payment upon successful QA pass. There's one solution for you.

I honestly think with a little production help, some strategic marketing, and a small investment you guys might have something with this. Even at a zero profit some help would free you to complete the design work on the rest of the product line while keeping a customer base and your name out there.

Just trying to be constructive. I'm not throwing stones either: I own a small business servicing and installing generators and the like. I know how hard it is to find good help and what it's like to start from scratch. Good luck and hope to see my product this year.
Thanks for your comments IČR, I appreciate your sincerity.

This endeavor started out as a 'spare time' project. I figured I'd get to spend about 8 to 10 hours a week doing something I enjoy. You know, for fun instead of as a profession. Here we are some time later, and with any luck we'll be finished with the IICE Air orders and starting on the IICE Smooth in January.

As you might have seen from recent update posts in the Vendors thread, I had a work-related issue which really waylaid my available time.

p.s.: I can't figure out your moniker. 746 is the factor in the watts to horsepower conversion, but beyond that I'm drawing a blank.


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