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I apologize for commenting going back so far in your RR. Could somebody clear something up for me. The Native Americans never had the use of horses until the Spanish came here, or so I have been taught. However, on Newspaper Rock you can clearly see a depiction of a person sitting atop a horse with a bow and arrow. So either the historians are wrong about the natives not using horses until the Spanish came, or those carvings (I have never seen them, I assume they are carvings) are not as ancient as people think that they are. Perhaps they might be 400 years old instead of 1200 years or older like I have read. If anybody can shed some light on this, please feel free to send me a private message. Once again Signal, I apologize for commenting on your RR that is two years old. Truly awesome pictures, and I thank you for posting them.
No worries- I love replaying where I've/We've been
Honest Thanks for kicking in
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