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Ah phooey....

Originally Posted by dapman View Post
For those not following Facebook, it has come to pass that our close friend and fellow Gruver & Pterodactyl... D2D Logistics Coordinator and General SmartAss/Instigator has been going thru some health issues recently.... Remember, bald is beautiful.. You're in our thoughts and prayers dude!
This description of Kevin is so true. Iíve learned a lot about motorcycles and riding from my mentors, the two Geezers, and I learned a thing or two about becoming a ďGeneral SmartAss/InstigatorĒ from Kevin. I used to be sweet and charming until I met these three men, but then I had to develop smart-ass/instigative skills to try to counter some of the teasing my Delightful DR and I have received at their hands.

Alas, if it wasnít winter, my Delightful DR and I could make a special trip down to MT to spread good cheer and encouragement in person. Since my DR is well-known for helping other bikes run well, Iím sure her presence could help Kevinís health condition improve. Unfortunately I just bought studded tires for my bicycle so I canít afford studded tires for my motorcycle. Plus an ADVer invited me to a fun party I donít want to miss. (I have plausible excuses - Whew!)

I think AlcanRider should be generous about sharing Maggie and put her on his borrowed motorcycle trailer and haul her down to Kevinís bedside so she can assist Annie in providing the proper care required to fight this terrible disease. (If the thought of my DR and Maggie visiting him doesnít prompt Kevin to get well ASAP, I donít know what else will work. )

Maybe we should chip in to buy KHuddy an illustrated book on how to properly enjoy retirement, as spending time in a hospital is NOT a pleasurable way to enjoy his golden years. Actually, I know health issues can strike you down at any time and present unwelcome challenges; itís not a joking matter. But heck, if Kevin canít talk much, maybe Annie is enjoying some respite from his smart-ass remarks?

Hey Barb Ė do you have a nice hi-vis headband for Kevin to wear to keep his bald head slightly warmer? Or maybe we could apply hi-vis duck tape on his head to provide additional insulation. I might reluctantly help with thatÖ.

Kevin - get better soon! My two DRs and I will send healing thoughts your general direction. At least youíre not in Fairbanks, where itís super cold with high levels of particulate pollution.
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