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Originally Posted by Warin View Post
On the DR (and similarly most other bikes) under the left side cover is the starter motor relay. One of the larger black wires on it goes straight to the battery and can be used to power up you air compressor (or as a charging pint for a battery charger or any large current link to the battery. Saves taking off the luggage and seat. Oh while the side cover is off, write notes on the back side of it - saves greasy paw prints in the service manual. )
Most are way ahead of you on this mate. Heard of a Battery Tender? Most of us use them at home. They use a common SAE connector. But it's all multi-use. Here you can see ... if you look close ... a wire hanging down near the frame rail.

On the road this plug is mostly used to power my Gerbing jacket. Can also be used to jump start other bikes ... and will easily run a mini compressor ... most use an SAE plug. Plug and Play. At home, I plug in my Battery Tender when bike is parked ... ALL using the simple and unbreakable
SAE plug. I've used these for over 15 years.

Originally Posted by Warin View Post
Storing spare parts on the bike.
The brake pads can be bolted on, I use the bash plate with a few bolts and nylock nuts. The crush washers for oil changes - behind one of the plastic caps .. I think for the swing arm (too many bikes!) Saves having that stuff in your bags. I don't carry oil as a regular thing - only when I'm coming up to a change and have vast amounts of emptyness to use.
I carry two tire Irons between motor and bash plate. Wrapped in inner tube and Zip tied in place. Been there since '06. I'm careful about where I stow more delicate things ... as they can be damaged. I carry a very comprehensive Nut & Bolt kit, made up just for the DR650. All OEM sizes plus OEM washers, springs, do dads. Drain plug washers can be heated and annealed for re-use. No need to carry extras. Front brake pads on the DR should last 10K to 12K miles in touring mode. Rears go faster (4 to 5K depending) I carry one set. I also ALWAYS carry a set of fork seals. My bike uses NO OIL. No need to carry any. I plan oil changes well head and only do filter every other oil change when on the road ... so 10,000 miles between filters.

Two tire levers here ... another Ty Davis lever in luggage. (12")

Spare nuts and bolts are like buried treasure when in Baja. I mostly end up giving stuff away ... as was the case here. Happy to help.
Originally Posted by Warin View Post
quite lengthy. But applicable to most bikes (even based on the DR, but made as generic as possible). These ideas may help cut down on your luggage (eg a second air cleaner... no use prefilters, air filter oil? Use that engine oil... and you can get that from a garage. I normally only carry chain oil, grease, and never seeze). The next one is a bit of a mix of different ideas for different bikes - some don't apply to the DR.
Very good ideas there. In heavy dust I use "Filter Skins" which slip over air filter. re-usable. I use a small squeeze bottle of 90 Wt. gear oil. It's cheap and available nearly everywhere. A great chain lube. The key to long chain life is regular cleaning. Diesel works fine ... or just a quick wipe down and light re-oiling. I get near 25,000 from a chain.

Originally Posted by Warin View Post
PS I don't carry a ratchet - I can do any bolt with other less weighty tools, slower but can be done.
That is a mistake. Trust me. I use a 1/4" drive ratchet, by Snap-On. I fly through common maintenance ... and never bodge bolts up or scuff knuckles.

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