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I know I said exhaust but here are the Rearsets

What cafe bike is complete without rearsets?

I love the rearsets Boxermetal (be sure to like on facebook) puts out but they were not the look I wanted, much too clean and too nice. I like the look of rubber and steel pegs which say "when you drag me you will be in huge trouble" so I set about to build my own.

I unbolted the stock peg and stared at them I looked at where rearsets normally mount and had an idea-rrrrrr, if I take the stock pegs and mount them where rearsets usually bolt up...... I got to work

Left peg first as it has the shifter I cut the support and set it to the side

I thn mocked it up to the upper hole in the rear peg support

Then I had to make a shouldered boss for the shifter to ride so I used a bolt (that was hard as Hades BTW) and put it in the lathe. I turned thread on both ends ad machined a section fo te shift lever to ride

After I machined it it threaded into the peg on one side and nutted to the frame on the other and the shift lever pivots in the middle

On the passenger side I had to cut the squiggly piece out between the peg and the mount hole to get the correct height then weld it back together

now I have to find a way to support them and since they are mounted near the old passnger pegs that seems like a good idea. So I cut up the old passenger pegs to join with the new rearsets.

I love molten metal

The finished product

bolted up and looking like I wanted

Got linkage (even if temporary)

Das Boot

The next chapter is the brake pedal and linkage (I have had too many libations to type much more

BTW I promised exhaust and it is coming

To be continued......
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