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Hi Max,

Stock intake, Akras with the baffles fitted.

I dont know how to adjust the TPS and balance the TB's. Will look into that. Any pointers to a thread or info on that?

It is running ok other than an unstable idle, anywhere between normal at times to suddenly varying wildly between 1800 and 4000.

Looks like you and your cable will be here before we can source a cable down here, and besides would be great to do it first time with someone who has tuned before. I would gladly take you up on your kind offer. Well worth a couple pisco sours and a Peruano meal !

I have started playing around with tuneECU in the meantime to get my head around it

Will PM you with my details give me a shout when you get into town mate

Thanks - Martyn

Originally Posted by MAXVERT View Post
How's your bike set up ?
Stock exhaust or aftermarket ?
Stock intake or modified ?

Have you adjusted the TPS and balanced the TB's ?

I would be cautious about running the '08 tune in the
later motors. As above the cams are different.

I'd try copying the newer tables into the '08 map.

While I'm not an expert with TuneECU, I've gotten my
'07 running very nicely with it's help.

I'll be in Santiago next week and my 990 with TuneECU cable
shows up the 10th. If you don't have one by then, I'd be happy to
get together and do some tuning.

Or just a day ride if you have the bike running like you want.

Twist it, Max
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