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Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
Worry less about the potential damage to the bike (minimal) and more about going over the bars or laying it down.

Unless you drop each gear down one at a time as you decelerate, you'll likely lose track of what gear you're in. In that case, let the clutch out just enough to see what it's doing to your rpms and then shift as needed.

Dumping the clutch with the tranny two gears too low equals locking the rear wheel and as such, could hurt you.
haha good advice, i do seem to care more about damage to the bike over damage to myself which isnt a good mindset.

i usually do try to decelerate one gear at a time, today was just a weird situation and a brainfart on my end.

i just barely made it through a left turn at a light(cars were lined up for it, i came in behind and made the turn as it was turning yellow) clutch in kicked down from 6th to first and i guess i just forgot to put it in second before letting the clutch out...luckily i had for some reason waited until after completing the turn and slowing down a bit to let the clutch out or i 100% wouldve been dumped on the ground.
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