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Originally Posted by Bounder View Post
Given a choice between 1200 and a few rattle cans, I would get the cans every time.
Practice, sometimes shops sell rattle cans in odd colours cheap.
Buy a few of these and practice on some funny shaped objects so you know how to keep the correct distance from a curved panel.
Generally lots of thin coats work better than thick ones that run.
If you start with primer then the topcoats should be easier when you get to them.
I agree with Bounder here and as was mentioned, get the prep 100% PERFECT.
Any small blemish will look 10 times worse while painting.
Are you painting with an air gun or rattle cans?
I would paint with an air gun, for a hell of alot less than 1200$ you could get a compresor, paint and air gun set.

Do a few test runs on old fairings form a breakers.
Prime, paint then lauquer and there are some good youtube tutorials and write ups on this subject.

Keep doing the old fairings until you have them perfect then attempt the actual fairings!
Try on paint them in a warm dry day and store them in a dry warm area to dry.
Then have a drink!
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