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Originally Posted by Thomas B. View Post
Hay Prutser,
another question. When you drown your bike on the Sibirsky trip your air filter probably got soaked. Were you using the standart paper one? Did you change and dry it? Or just ran the wet one?
Never had my bike that deep in the water yet so I'm curiose.
thanks for the answer.
cheers Thomas

P.S. My carbs are 32s from a R80G/S so I have the breathertube in the float bowl.
After succesfully drowning my old gs i learned NOT to use the paper filter. Since soon after the drowning mushrooms start to grow in there. And sand wil wear through the paper.

I was using a uni filter (foam) ! The problem with those is that they don't seal very well. Dirt is being sucked through between the airbox and the filter. To solve this I used a original filter, took out the paper and mounted the uni on top of the original filter. Made some longer clips to lock them together.

Now my air intake was against the bottom of my fuel tank.

A big problem that I would like to take care of is the water getting in when you make a big bow wave.
That was washing the dirt through the filter.
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