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Originally Posted by Range Motorsport View Post
On this note many bigger ones have a low amp charge rate like mine which can do 2, 20, or 50 amps. Most powersports size batteries will only handle 10 amps.

Get what best serves your needs.
That's why I'm looking at this Clore - it's got "intelligent" charge rates depending on the battery size and type.

My current charger is a 6Amp max so I could use it for motorcycles. But it's around 25 years old so it doesn't charge AGM batteries properly.

Originally Posted by GoNOW View Post
I like the chargers. They have an AGM setting for the higher voltages the AGMs need.
The 3.5 amp one is my favorite for general use.
Know anything about the company? Clore makes some great products, I have their jump starter and it's night-and-day better than most of the other products around.
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