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Exhaust pipes and such...

Originally Posted by Blackbert View Post
Regarding the fuelpump, have a look at the Dr. Bean mod.
No more fried points. Mine (one from his first batch) has 35000km without problems.

Thanks Blackbert for the info.
Will get to that order also. Since there are 2 bikes that need that cure - IŽll make it a list thingy for the springtime. Until then I will get the capacitor mounted and other stuff out the way.

TodayŽs topic - Exhaust pipes.
Lot of talks out there about putting on akras and remus etc. I want something different. Problem with me - I donŽt like shiny things. The most shiny thing on my motorcycle should be some scratch on the frame. But I got my hands on a very cheap Delcević exhaust pipe, that is made out of SS and polished. For whatever reason - on this bike it kinda seems to fit just right.
Now if one is about to do the SAP removal and Canisterectomy etc - the reason for removing stock exhaust pipes is more than just cosmetic. + You get to save weight. Oh - and did I mention I got the 2-into-1 system
Here are the pics of the usual ugliness of the old original setup.

And as I was at it, I also removed the rear footpegs that were still holding down some metal pieces. They seem to be the original luggage rack that has been broken off. From the looks of it - the bang must have been really bad, because the hanger of the "H" pipe on the right side was totally broken from the pipe and I got it welded back on with a stronger patch.
Here You can also see that something "weird" had been done to the bolts holding the pegs and the rack pieces. For whatever reason - I took them off and threw away the rubbish that had been damaged in any way.

Moving on with the pipe drama.
Making 2-into-1 requires modifying the H pipe or just simply buying new Y pipe or making one. Since I needed it patched and IŽm not even 100% sure of the system being good, I decided to get the pipe modifyied so that the Y&H pipes would become one. Some money and time later, this is how the stuff looks -

As I said earlier, the hanger for the Y pipe was also beefed up and welded with a patch on it.
Here is a little picture of the Delcević pipe that will be installed. It has the DB killer inserted - and will probably be ridden with it the whole time (my days of needing asloudaspossiblebike are almost over) and it supposes to give so much back pressure that the fuel mixture would not be affected too much from original setup.

I used the original hanger for the exhaust pipe and simply cut it a little shorter to fit the measurements of the new and smaller pipe. Here are the new and improved installations. I donŽt know how much the dirty old pipes weigh each, but the new Delc is only 3kg.

So here You go - the new and improved Wrooom.

Now all I need is a fuel pump and new cooland and new oil and new .... blablabla bla .

And then I can make the first soundcheck!
I kinda promised myself that for christmas I will make the "fat lady sing" but weŽll see.
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