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Originally Posted by GMJinARK View Post
I heard there was talk of riding on this thread, but all I see is a bunch of chatter about mac-n-cheese!

Seriously though, I'd like to ride on the Last Ride of 2012. Hopefully will get to meet some new folks and learn some trails around here. The pavement has gotten a little stale.
Welcome to the BS thread..unfortunately for you, you just happen to come in on a mac-n-cheese discussion which is actually the first time ever in the 55,693 posts in this thread to be discussed.. yeah, we do have a really good time here..REALLY! Some real funny stuff, and some real sad and touching stuff..we be close friends who like to ride, poke fun, laugh etc, but we will also drop what ever to run to your aid if need be, that has been proven many times here in the BS thread. This is the bulletin board for all to check into to see what is going on.

Check in often and it helps to have a thick skin as it's all in fun..but go easy until we get to know history has shown, it didnt go so well for the last guy who jumped right in and started mean mouthin every one here

Come to the breakfast in Siloam on DEC 31 and meet some of us, we don't bite, not till after the first kiss anyway. Welcome to the forum!
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