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Originally Posted by tommyvdv View Post
you might want to do all that before you hit the turn, let go of the clutch and take the turn on the throttle.

you don't want to realize you picked the wrong gear when your in a turn.

locking up the rear isn't too bad. starting to panic, pulling the clutch and keeping your eyes on the wrong place can be uncomfortable

oh and..
totally ignore my advice if I've misjudged your riding skills :) did not mean to sound high and mighty in any way. just trying to help
haha its all good i appreciate any advice, i only have 3000 miles on the road, but have a good amount of dirt and trail time

but i think i just didn't described the event well enough

i usually get into gear and throttle before and then through turns but i was running late to work, was about to miss a left turn at an intersection so i had to speed up to the light in 6th and then clutch in and brake right before the turn, downshifted during the turn and let the clutch out once the turn was completed and i was going straight but didn't realize i hadn't put it up into 2nd
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