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This has been around for a while, but we are unable to get it in the US.
Great style, enough power, I bet its very light, but it is an old design and might vibrate quite a bit, as I do not think it has a balance gizmo setup like the TU has.

I like the fast red one:

Its got a tach and a kick starter!

The spec's are 19 inch front wheel, 18 inch rear, 29 hp stock, 306 pounds dry.
If it does not vibrate like a paint shaker, it would be just what I am looking for...

Originally Posted by Andy250 View Post
There is this CB400SS, 400cc single cylinder air cooled engine, 27 hp which just landed - used from Japan. I am drooling...

Thinking about making look like this one, or keep it as is

Back to reality... I have only done 250kms with the TU250
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