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[QUOTE=Chill;20147192]There must be some sort of heat resistant paint for this. /QUOTE]

I have painted a few bikes (and their parts engines, exhaust, etc.) there is lots of good stuff to paint with, but I have found that 3-4 coats of VHT high temp engine paint (you can get it on amazon) then an hour or so in a toaster over at 225F (go get one at a thrift store, don't use the one in your house unless you want a divorce - which might not be a bad thing) makes a super tough surface (you have to take off dips with a metal file). Their roll bar paint looks a lot like powder-coat if you put about 7 or 8 coats on (but it will chip if it gets hit hard). I've never found that wheel paint that people use to be very strong, it always scratches and chips. If you have ALL the plastic off, use can use a propane heater to harden VHT engine paint. Obviously, the engine will cure itself with a ride for an hour or so.

The frame is the hard part. You can't put it in an oven, and usually taking off that much plastic is a PITA.
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