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Hey JD, thanks for the informative and entertaining ride reports. I recognized many of the place names you rode through as I frequent the paved roads in your area. Routes 33 and 250 over Shenandoah Mountain are favorites and the roads to connect them we've ridden many times. I've been through Sugar Grove and Moyers many times and have ridden Doe Hill Rd and the one along the Cowpasture River quite a bit. I stop at the little country store at McDowell to buy Cheer Wine. Can't get it here in Ahia. Will have to look for CR25 through Briery Gap next time to get us over to route 257. And I need to bring my gravel-road bike instead of a sport-tourer. You have many roads to play on that sound great.

Had such a good time reading ride reports I ended up following along with the Delorme ...

Keep up on this thread - we want more ride reports!


hah, now there's a photo, a ride report road up on somebody else's screen!

i purposely tried to put names to the roads in case anyone wanted to make the same runs, and with that info, a rider can build the route without much trouble. if never there before, at least the description will let you know what you're getting into. the caveat would be that there is sometimes no 100% agreement between the road names in the gazette, your route software, and the road sign. if your GPS says turn, well, most of the time, that works...except when there's no road, if you recall the last report segment. when you get on gravel, it's a maze of roads, so "if ya can't find a church steeple in a freakin' bean field", plan accordingly.

anyone reading the reports would have noticed a recurring theme on riding both gravel and pavement in the areas covered in the reports, rider safety. you need to be on top of your game to ride out there, the situational awareness dial switched up to high. a careless rider won't last long on those roads.

the newly paved CR25 takes you from CR21 up and over the mountain at Reddish Knob and back down to 257. nice and smooth right now, lots of loose gravel washed into the corners, no shoulders.

bring your gravel bike the next time, plenty of real good gravel roads, all flavors.

glad you enjoyed the reports, should be another when i get the V649 bike back together, currently in my shop for some changes.
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