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Still waiting on the video I'm afraid Louis, but he is on with it now

Right where were we?

Yes we were heading back north and leaving the dessert behind us. First up we needed fuel and on the way down we passed a couple of petrol stations in Risanni. I had a bit of a panic as we took a diversion through the narrow streets, the first gas station we came to had no petrol and I was running on fumes. Turned out the second one we pulled into also had no petrol, luckily the third one we found had plenty

As we were fuelling up a local gent came out of nowhere (we had gotten used to this now) and tried selling us some of his wares. Terry finally gave in and bought some jewellery from the guy.

We then hit the road, we'd not been going long when we saw some camels roaming along on the plains beside us.

Care free they crossed the road in front of us.

Back home I'm a football referee and was amazed to see a few football pitches at the side of the road, no lush grass to play on though and I doubt if any of the players would have suitable footwear, I really couldn't believe that people would actually play football on there!

The ever changing scenery

We made our way to Todra Gorge, the village we passed through on the way once again lots of children came running, laughing and waving and the braver ones high fiving us. I found it refreshing and didn't think I could ever tire of this sight as I beamed in my hot helmet.

We decided to stop for food and drink just before we headed through the gorge.

Once we were fed and watered we moved on through the gorge.

We then headed back out of the shade and pressed on north.

The road was cut into the rock and a river ran below us, it made for a stunning back drop.

We passed a van with a load of goats on the roof sadly this is the picture (Jacks' effort )

We turned onto some fresh tarmac and the temperature dropped as we climbed higher and higher.

We got to a height of around 8500 feet and we just had to stop for pictures.

We came to a town called Imilchil and decided to call it a day, we found a hotel and made ourselves at home.

We had a strange dinner of cold cooked vegetables, cold fries and hot spicy chicken followed with fresh fruit. We broke the jetboil out again for a hot drink.

We got an early night after picking a destination further north for the following day (Meknes)

As I loaded the bike the guy who had booked us in and looked after us came to watch with his young daughter, as I climbed on the bike he lifted her up and sat her on the back, I handed him the camera. I love this shot.

We fuelled up at the local garage and then set off for the best adventure days riding of the trip, for me personally this day epitomised everything about the adventure riding.

We set off and rode through a small village (I really regret not having the helmet camera on) the village was run down, no tarmac on the road, locals waved as usual, but you could tell it was a very poor area. Women washed clothes in the river below us, even they took a moment to wave at us and the young girls accompanying them giggled. In the town people were fixing battered cars, they took a cautious glance at us. There was one guy ploughing a field with two donkeys harnessed to some large broken bough of an old tree. Goats, cows, chickens, donkeys and dogs roamed the dirty street, it was sureal, but the experience was priceless and it hit home of how little these people had yet the majority still smiled and waved at us. I felt kind of embarassed.

We came out of the village and hit tarmac, views were great again and as we stopped to take pictures an old truck passed us bellowing black smoke out of the battered exhaust. An old woman with three donkeys lost control of them as they ran into the path of the old truck.

On we went.

We continued over the Mid Atlas mountain range on adventurous roads!

Passed a shepherd.

No room for error

We made it down safely.

We passed El Kebab and made our way into the Cedar Forrest again.

We spotted some monkeys and Pete managed to get a snap this time

A few miles later my bike suddenly stuttered to a halt. I thumbed the starter...... Nothing, we were in the middle of nowhere, I tried the starter again and the same nothing, the bike turned over, but the engine wouldn't fire up. It had to be fuel we all agreed. I got out the tool roll and set to work dropping the sump guard to get at the fuel pump. I disconnected the outward flow fuel pipe and we tried the starter again, nothing. Luckily Rob had given me a spare facet to carry as a spare and I set to.

Team effort

I don't think it took us an hour start to finish. I primed the new pump a couple of times and then tried the starter......... And she fired up first time

During this time a guy (again) turned up out of nowhere, I mean we were miles away from anything! He showed up and engaged in conversation with Jack and Rob pointing to his sore foot. They administered a bit of first aid as his heel had an open sore and was black in colour, Rob and Jack cleaned up the wound and put on some anticeptic cream and covered with a small bandage. The guy thanked them and simply disappeared.

We made it to Meknes and found an Ibis hotel where we checked into. The city felt very European and had a good vibe about it. We drank beers and ate at a Pizza Hut just near the hotel, we had had a brilliant days riding and was one of the best days of the trip for me.

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