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One of these days I'll make a trip this time of year up to visit the relatives in Grand Forks!

Better take the car - my son has lived in GF, NoDak for about 8 years and was down here in Virginia visiting over Thanksgiving - we had temps in the mid-60's while GF was experiencing a blizzard and high's in the mid-teens .

I lived in Wyoming for many years, just about 250 miles from the Black Hills, so used to ride there a lot. This ride report really brought back some memories, including one shot from the same parking lot:

That particular photo was taken when I rode from Lander, WY to visit my son in Grand Forks the first week of May, and I still froze my ass off for most of the ride, even on the plush RT. I came across Highway 2 in NoDak on the way home from GF leaning into the wind at 20 to 30 degrees for several hundred miles and got one hell of a crick in my neck for my efforts. I can't imagine making that ride on a KLR - that was quite a ride! You should go back in the warmer weather when you can enjoy the area, the Black Hills are a glorious place to ride. Here's a link to my trip report in case you're interested in seeing it when it's not covered in snow:

I also had an old KLR, a 250, and that thing was literally bombproof. It was a 1984 and the design hadn't changed in the suceeding 30 years, but it still worked beautifully and never stranded me. I've owned the 650 too, and a bunch of other dirt bikes, but for pure utilitarian goodness that KLR250 was #1 in my mind. I hope you get your 650 revived to ride again. When I was a kid growing up in New Mexico we used to make our own ice tires out of old knobbies and wood screws - labor intensive, but very fun! Be warned though - when you crash at low temps it can really mess things up that otherwise wouldn't be hurt at warmer temps. The seat on my old KLR did the same thing yours did when I left it out in a hail storm, so I had a local upholsterer put a new cover on it for like $25. That's the most comfy seat you'll find on any dualsport bike, by the way.

Great report, brought back some nice memories!


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