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Originally Posted by Red_dog View Post
ran into a bit of a snag, one of the front holes didnt line up correctly with the stock threaded holes,


anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? without having to send it back, granted it's still a work in progress but how hard is it to weld boss' in line with the stock threaded holes? minor niggles, fits up fine and looks 'different' after all, isnt that wot we're about? do it different to the next fella?
This is a common problem when it comes to welded parts. The main plate is likely cut out on a CNC plasma table - including the mouting holes. Then it goes into a roller press to have the curve put into it, and finally the side plates, tabs and bungs are welded into place. Unfortunately the heat from the welding process can cause the plate to warp/shift and the mounting holes not to line up.

Generally speaking, if the shift is minimal you can usually get away with just using wooden dowel or pry bar to force it into alignment without any negative effects. However, if the shift is too much or it takes an exuberant amount of pressure to get the holes lined up, it's probably best to send it back because all that stress will eventually result in something cracking and usually it will be the mounting bracket on the frame or the weld that holds said bracket to the frame that fails.
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