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Originally Posted by crobox View Post
OK... no hits for "leakdown" at all.

Anyone ever do that? Compression test will be harder with the engine out of the bike, and from what I remember a leakdown test is the better of the two tests to do because simply by listening here and there you can tell if the air is escaping from the valves or from the rings...

I suppose I could just do compression by turning the engine rapidly with a big drill on the stator nut....
I have done them on a Nitro Funny Car, but not a bike. Basically, you use a rubber tipped air nozzle hooked to a psi gauge to blow air into the cylinder while at TDC, and measure the percent of air lost. We are happy if we retain 80 percent.

That might actually be easier, since you don't have to turn the motor fast. The tools for a compression test, however, ca be borrowed at an auto parts store for free. I don't know about the XL, but typically that number is about 100 to 120 psi.

I've heard the Honda gaskets are better quality than others, and worth the price to prevent future leaks.
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