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Originally Posted by dirty_sanchez View Post
Team- My '12 is going in for it's 1k checkup (2k miles on the odo actually) on Dec. 10th and I have a few questions.

I bought the bike used with a hair over 800 miles on her. All of the normal documents, papers, owners manual, warranty information and things normally included in the briefcase were water damaged due to some flooding in the previous owners carport. All of this printed material was thrown out.

Can anyone shed some light or forward the warranty information on what IS and IS NOT covered in the factory warranty on the '12 bikes?

This is the first bike I have ever owned while still under factory warranty and I don't want to get taken to the cleaners and forced to pay for on B.S***t dealer charges for repairs, fault code reading, weak battery/charging system issues the dealer will bill KTM NA for.

Does anyone have a scan of the warranty on these bikes they could forward?

Digging this bike like none I have ever owned before!!

You really should call a dealer. I have a 2012. The warranty is 1 year and covers everything except consumables and maintenance. Mine had a low oil pressure light start coming on. They had the bike two weeks before and replaced a lot of parts trying to find it. Turned out during the first service, they installed a 2011 oil filter by mistake. No problem other than the light, but make sure they use 2012 parts as there have been changes. Seems the shop manuals are not available yet in the US for some reason as well.

How about your tool kit? That was in that messenger bag too.
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