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I have quite a collection of battery chargers, mostly "old school" transformer jobs, in various capacities (1.5 amp, 3 amp, 2 &10 amp, 6 amp, 2, 10 & 50 amp) and some maintainers (Battery Tender Plus, HF cheapies). For a "straight charge", I just use an appliance timer and watch the meters, after the charge rate has dropped down for a while, I turn off the charger (the timer is there for when I forget to check on it). Then check the voltage after the battery "rests" for a few minutes and you're done - AGM or flooded, I've never had a problem.

Maintainers, the BT Plus is great, and much preferred to the HFs (which I use on the car and tractor batteries, not AGMs except on my ATV, which works). I would also like to get a maintainer that claims to "de-sulphate" batteries, and am shopping for one (or three).

I had never heard of Clore, so I Googled it and found that charger at Amazon:

There are 2 reviews, one is 5 star (that reads like it was copied from the claims on the box), and one is 1 star ( that someone had one arrived DOA and two of them die premature deaths).

I tend to rely on the simple reliable stuff for the simple jobs (one of the chargers I have is 50 years old, and still works fine). Many of the new digital controlled chargers seem to lead short, unhappy lives.
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