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Originally Posted by 568V8 View Post
Deltran Battery Tender Junior. About $35 and perfect for motorcycle batteries.
DON'T use a charger that is for car batteries, or you cook your bike battery. Because they are designed to be charged with only a trickle charger with a low output like your stator.
That is incorrect

My BMW has a 55 amp alternator. Harleys have a 45 amp alternator. I have had a current probe on both. Right after starting the battery will accept 30+ amps, very common. This happens every start for 30 to 60 seconds, then it tapers off. I have intentionally discharged Harley batteries to where the bike needed jump started and then ran them at 2500 RPM in front of a fan until the battery was charged testing regulators and stators. I have had a good Yuasa AGM that took over 50 cycles before it died. I can not kill an Odyssey in the same test. This same situation will be true of any modern bike with a decent alternator. It is also true for cars like a Miata with a very small AGM battery. Strangely enough, we do not have a lot of quality batteries fail. MY starter endurance test rig has a Harley alternator mounted on 3 phase motor, recharging the battery after each start. I have had 1000 cycles on a battery and starter. I know several Beemer riders with 5+ year old Odyssey. I am an Odyssey convert now.

If you have a quality charger or alternator with effective electronic voltage regulation, it will not hurt the battery. If you have a cheap one, they usually over voltage the battery, and that is always bad even if it is a 1.5 amp trickle charger left on too long..

My home charger is a cheap one but I removed the diodes and regulator and replaced with a Harley Rectifier regulator., Seems to work great.

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