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envious of the pictures

I'm often envious of the pictures of some remote places that some of you guys post. I've been so close to many of those places, but missed for the sake of a few miles of impassable roads. I ride a fully loaded Vstrom with Tourance regular tires. So far it has taken me to all 10 provinces and 42 states; but sure I've missed a lot of gnarly roads. I've been licensed since 1969 and used to ride a 250 enduro machine that took me way too deep into swamps and down many dead end trails. I don't miss the dirt and mud very often; and I sure do enjoy the opportunity so ride and see so much of North America that I never imagined I would.
My 2007 DL 1000 Vstrom runs flawlessly and I love it. But fully loaded and on rough uneven ground she can be an large unfriendly pig and very difficult to get back. When riding solo, gravel forest access roads in dry conditions are my sensible and safe limit.
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