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Day 11 and on

Alright, I promised myself I'd actually finish the whole trip. It may be less organized, but the last few days were a lot of fun, especially our time in Portland.

We woke up to the waves in the morning...and barking dogs...and yelling people...and a roaring car engine. What the? I opened up the tent and saw exactly what you'd expect: three meth heads with a bunch of JYDs and a Ford Focus buried to it's axles in the sand...25 feet from the tent. Welcome to Oregon ladies and gentlemen.

I threw on some clothes and went over to see if I could help them go away. The one guy was too busy scratching his body bloody (I'm serious, he looked like a tiger attack victim) and the other guy was giving me the crazy eyes and could barely talk. The lady was behind the wheel with the gas to the floor throwing sand in a huge arc over the car. I suggested that they may need to call a tow truck and the lady looked at me and, cold as ice, says "We pushed it out before." Yikes, I'm not going to go into the questions. I finally wrangled the methies and we started it rocking and managed to get them onto the pavement. They left and we immediately checked the bikes to make sure nothing was stolen. Wow.

Okay, back to some scenic photos:

We just rode our bikes to the big thing.

We had a bit of trouble getting ourselves through the deep sand and off the beach, but seeing as how we weren't high on meth, bleeding all over the place, and in charge of all of our teeth, we made it happen.

The 101 calls us to Portland and a roof over our heads.

Yep, lots of bridges along the Oregon coast. Also, a ton of touring bicyclists, which was cool to see. Less cool, but still interesting (odd?) was the number of sketchy homeless and teen-runaway types making their was along the coast. Outside of Portland, ole Oregon gets weird in a hurry. Hipsters, hillbillies, and Klansmen. Forgive me if I don't move here anytime soon. It's a great place for a trip, though. Scenic, scenic, scenic.

Rogue brewery for lunch.

Portland follows shortly where our gracious hosts Ty and Tara have offered to put us up for a few days.

The first and only time we slept inside all trip. It was awesome.
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