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Question How much does a fork brace interfere with the fork boots?

Originally Posted by Ben99r1 View Post
Sierra Thumper. I have been running the fork brace. I had the same problem with my L. I changed the springs and oil in the forks along with the brace. It did change the way the bike tracked on the trail. I feel if you work on the internal parts of the forks a brace is a must do. Here is a link
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Marko (therealbigman) had some Fork Braces Summers Racing I think that he was selling for a fairly reasonable price. They looked good and have worked great for my 650L. I would recommend him or RSW as Steve (mcma 111) recommended. I think it was a good addition and help to keep you from being launched in different direction if you hit a rock or a big rut.

Good Luck in your search.
Thanks for the quick responses and awesome guys are great
Marko already contacted me with a great deal on an RSW brace that I might take him up on

I do have some concerns on how the brace fits with the fork boots tho.....I assumed they went on no prob, but it seems I've read you have to try and cut up you're boots to make the brace work, or go with another form of fork protection alltogether?

And Ben you mentioned the brace does change the way the forks work on the trails....what's the change? I'm still debating if this is something I want to do or not. I have no complaints with the suspension now, except how easy the forks twist when you go down....otherwise I'm fine with the current set-up for my style of riding.
I hate how the front pushes with the IMS tank full, but thats just the price I pay I suppose for the extra range...which I do appreciate
My xr500 with very trick USD's pushed as well.....big honda thumpers and front end push seem to go together like ice cream and apple pie
My 500 introduced me to 2 fractured ribs, from 2 seperate medium speed front end wash-outs.
I've since learned how to better ride these front heavy 4 stroke beasts after coming off 2 strokes
"Don't get so concerned with the slab that you choose a turd for the dirt"- The Gospel as spoken by itrack
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