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Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
[Godamn razr's more of a tease than an over priced strip club

Good to see people having a blast on the ride. Percentage how much was three foot Sand whoops? Any good fun technical trails or mostly sand washes and fireroads this year?

Happy to see d-37 still putting on the event.

Now get some more pics and video up for us bastards thAt are 9000 miles away.
It's the desert.
Most of the miles ridden are sand wash and power line / gas line roads, but there's enough challenging stuff to keep even the most experienced rider from getting bored / complacent / lazy. Plenty of hard ways if you want them...

As far as 3 foot sand whoops, I see you've ridden from the railroad to Razor road.
That 3 or 4 mile stretch is, for lack of a better word, "special".

Next year is the 30th anniversary. I'm gonna sign up the minute I can.
The lowest rider number I have ever had on this ride was #8.
#257 this year, #205 last year....
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