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Originally Posted by Sierra Thumper View Post
I do have some concerns on how the brace fits with the fork boots tho.....I assumed they went on no prob, but it seems I've read you have to try and cut up you're boots to make the brace work, or go with another form of fork protection alltogether?

And Ben you mentioned the brace does change the way the forks work on the trails....what's the change? I'm still debating if this is something I want to do or not. I have no complaints with the suspension now, except how easy the forks twist when you go down....otherwise I'm fine with the current set-up for my style of riding.

The previous owner of my L add this fork brace

All he did was squish the boots up a little. You can also trim the boots if you don't like the squished look

As far as what the fork brace does trail riding is, it keeps you from being deflected from your path of travel. For instance, if you hit a good size rock, tree root, or get in a rut, the forks wont deflect and knock you off your line (or at least not as much with out the brace). The USD's are stiffer and do the same thing. I find with the fork brace the ruts don't seem to bother me, and once in a rut I can climb right back out with out much issue.

I'm not a fast rider on the trails, although I can keep up with a quick pace if I need to. I don't ride motocross style although I like to jump a little embankment form time to time, I wont be doing doubles though I like to ride spiritedly on paved curves but I'm no knee drager. I find the conventional forks sprung right and a fork brace tow work well for my style of ridding. I had an 05 WR45 before the XRL and loved the USD's for making that thing fly. They were forgiving if you landed wrong. They worked great for fast rough stuff. But I find the conventional forks on the XRL to be a little softer, not as "sharp" on the edges of ruff stuff when taking it at a slower pace.

Basically, if I'm ridding fast and hard give me USD's. I'd love to put a set on my sons KDX220 If I'm just out enjoying the ride on the trail, back roads, playing in some twisties, I'll stay with the conventionals. Although which ever way you go you'll love the difference from stock.
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