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Bike shipping from US to Colombia/Venezuela

I have done enough border crossings in Central America and cursed my way through the speed traps in Panama, thus I want to start the next trip to S. America from Cartegena or Baranquilla or Maracaibo or Caracas. There is enough lead time to send the bikes by ship (a couple of GSs), but air may be a lot simpler (container and crating-wise). The US exit port could be Miami, New Orleans - or even Veracruz, Mexico, if it is a lot cheaper.

Thus - I would love to hear from motorcycle travelers with practical, recent, proven information on the best and cheapest way to expedite this matter.

My purpose for the trip is the see the three remaining countries in my international riding experience: i.e. British Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana - and throw in the northern Brazil, Amazonian region (during dry-ish season).
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