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Originally Posted by MentalGuru View Post
I was reading the CRF250L thread and had to laugh.

They have named it the LRP after the XR650R BRP.

They seem to think it was designed after it or by Gods or something...

19HP of fury weighing only 320 pounds and flying around on 8.5"-9.5" of non-adjustable cheap suspension.

They should call it what it is... A parts bin wanna be or a Fat Slow Piglet at best.

the 250L disappoints me

more suspension travel at both ends, and a slightly hotter motor, say, 26hp and Honda would have one sweet little ride. I used to own Hondas first liquid cooled dual sport, the NX250 which produced 26hp to the rear wheel. although it had a 16 inch rear wheel and a 19 inch front with suspension travel about the same as the 250L, it was still a great bike imo geared more towards the street then the dirt. although it did alright in the occasional offroad jaunt.

i bought mine with 8000 miles on it, and sold it with 25,000 miles. not a single problem with the motor except for 1 spark plug change. mine was a 1988

and in other news on my road to recovery, i had my doc appointment yesterday and im back to walking on my own again! (barely) the doc lifted my no weight bearing restriction on my right leg meaning i can use it to support my weight now. just cant bend my knee. i still have to wear a brace. I also got scheduled for bone graft surgery on my birthday. (dec 10th) soon as that's over doc said i should be able to bend my knee and walk and jump etc and do everything i normally could before my accident.... as long as i can tolerate the pain i might receive when doing so.

he was not sure if it would cause pain in my knee riding a dirt bike offroad or not so hopefully things will be ok there. as far as my back, i was prescribed a different spine brace that's not as irritating as the first and was told to come back in 6 weeks to check on progress. hopefully after those 6 weeks the spine brace can come off and i will be back to normal again! though technically, after the bone graft surgery, as soon as im off the Oxycontin (heroin) painkillers im on, i can start riding again!

thats all i got for now!
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