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Originally Posted by bigtodd View Post
Nice vid ... where was the hard part or did you just make it look easy? Next year gonna skip the long sand sections and go straight to Red Rock.

there is a few spots of babyhead rocks that can fuck you up and riding that ledge can ruin your day if you fall. no joke, some guy years ago on a BMW old airhead dropped his bike and it landed upside down off that ledge to the right (there was a guy standing there in my video) and he had to take off the seat and tank and luggage to get his bike back up (to remove some weight, and he was riding alone, after the sun was setting). by this time, it was dark.
he won the "hard luck award" that year. i think it was 2008.

but it's not really that hard.

of course, each year it get's easier for me as my skills improve.

first 2 years was on my KLR and i was struggling a little bit. find your line and keep up your momentum.
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