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Originally Posted by socaltrailrider View Post
I reveived my Montana and CN 2013 this week. I was running an older bootlegged 2010 version of CN on my 76CSX, so I upgraded. The question I have is I also have older Mapsouce maps, Topo West and Roads & Recreation. Anyone use these on the Montana? Neither shows up in Base Camp(they do show up in Mapsource on the same laptop), but they were listed as being able to install to the Montana when I used Mapinstaller. However, when the install was done, only City Nav is on the Montana. BTW, I really like the unit so far. Also, Base Camp seems fairly easy to use as well.
I still have Topo USA from the original CD version. I installed them on the laptop years ago, and Mapsource sees them and so does Basecamp. Partial installs of that with Mapinstall have also worked normally, so it can be done.

First, try installing a subset (to save time) of Topo West with Mapsource and see if the Montana can use it. (temporary workaround)

It seems that after a certain update of Basecamp it no longer saw old maps, but I did not have that problem. It's in here somewhere in the last 6 months, maybe try the search term "Topo USA disappeared" I would also look at the Basecamp forum on Garmin, it has a lot of good info, and a quote of the above, with the deletion of "bootlegged", will get a response. There is a known workaround, so don't give up. I'm pretty sure I saw some posts on this problem there as well.
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