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Interesting thread

Great stories have come up here!

I've never been one to understand the notion of a "collector's" bike... Unless the collector wants to RIDE said bike. To buy one for an "investment"? Ludicrous, IMO- UNLESS it's something like a Brough Superior, or maybe a Vincent... an early 20th century bike of any sort- Something of that ilk, that's going to cost you up'ards of 100K out of the gate. Either way, all motorcycles were made to be RIDDEN. Unless you own a museum, then your bikes should be ridden, too. Heck even if you DO own a museum, you should ride them (Thanks Dale Walksler!).

The K1 was just one more example showing the future is (was?) now. Forward thinking in terms of design, at the very least! The K bikes, in general, were looked at as BMW's bastardization of the "brand", yet slowly have gained their "street creds"- which are richly deserved IMO. My first BMW was an 88 K100RS.
To the OP- Buy a K1 IF you will, but RIDE it FIRST, then, IF YOU LIKE IT, buy it to RIDE it. You'll be sure to turn every head with the thing. An "investment"? Yeah maybe- an investment in your own love for motorcycles and in FUN.

To those guys who posted pix of their K1s and the places they have ridden them to- THANKS!

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