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Originally Posted by bmwloco
By that time, the K1100RS was available. Faster, shared parts with the range. Not the K1. It's a rare bird all right, and god love ya' if you need to repair bodywork, luggage or gauge repair.
Faster? Both have 100 Bhp, the K1100RS has an extra 104cc producing it's 100 Bhp at 500 rpm lower than the K1.

As for not sharing parts, the K1 shares many parts with the other K-Series, particularly the K100 16-Valve and the K1100. It even shares some parts with the R1100 models.

When it comes to the bodywork, well there's not much commonality between the bodywork of a K1100RS and a K1100LT, a K75S and a K75RT etc., etc.

Gauges? Apart from the faces using yellow graphics (and the faces are inter-changeable), they use the same Motometer. You can even swap the units between the 3 cylinder and four cylinder models. The fuel and temperature gauges are the same ones used throughout the K-Brick range.

Sorry but your attempt to suggest reasons why they may not hold their prices and probably increase in the coming years, would have been better served by just stating that you don't like the looks. It's okay. Those of us who do like them really don't feel threatened by the disapproval of others.
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