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This is what I now have on the front (Mickey Thompson MiniMag):

And this is on the side (BFG from Sube):

For a long time I had the BFG Rally on all 3 wheels, but it created a steering problem and performed poorly in the rear in soft sand. The sharp edges made the front catch uneven spots and berms in the road, pulling the steering to one side or another unexpectedly. For the rear, the sidewalls are too stiff for sand use. When I let air out for the sand, the sidewalls still stood straight up so I got no extra traction. It's great if you get a flat because you won't even notice it. I once rode 30 miles at 90+ MPH with a flat rally tire in the front, and hardly noticed it.

The Mickey Thompson MiniMag has a more rounded profile, so it doesn't catch edges and berms as badly as the rally tire did in the front. In the rear I now have a BFG Mud Terrain, which has soft sidewalls which perform great in the sand. The side is still a rally tire, which works great there.

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