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Originally Posted by SkunkWizard View Post
i built the rack, pannier mounts, & tool tube,

Originally Posted by eakins View Post
of course but come on. can't the man make a few bucks for his clean up work on the tool tube? it's $45 for the complete bolt on package & his clamp is very well built. it's the best tool-tube based setup i've seen. i've ridden hard with it for over a year and it's heavy and packed w/ tools. the clamp still looks new and is rock solid. look at his drz400 skid plate work. this guy has incredible skills. works for me.
Sure, he can make a profit, but it's nice to know just how easy it is to do it your self. BTW, IMHO, Skunkwizard's Tool Tube is FAR better. Sadly I don't think he makes them for sale.

Why do I like it?
1. It Oval, fits the space better, I mount a soft pannier there so needs to be low profile like the tube shown.
2. It locks. I suppose some sort of lock can be rigged on the Agri supply tubes ... not sure what would be best. But a LOCK is important if you travel.

Basically what I want in a tool tube is something very similar to stock .. but
deeper, longer. I like to keep my soft bags as INBOARD as possible, not sticking way out like so many do. Inboard, low and forward is what works.
Check out Walter Colebatch's comments on this vital part of weight distribution so many seem to neglect.

I'm guessing that if Skunkwizard's tube was for sale ... it would have to cost in the $100 range?
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