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I reckon Marsh Tiger or I will get around to starting a new thread one day, as this thing keeps expanding, but here are some more tracks.

Ken (BigWrench) inspired me to pick up in Ridge Spring and head to Abbeville. I had stashed a jpeg file from the AARSE thread a long time ago, a Me and my Monkee map I believe, of the figure 8 below with its northwestern point in Abbeville. Today I used that image to create tracks, and joined it to Ridge Spring. I'm adding a GPX file to this post that includes everything you see below (HO-CAT, MEOW, Ridge Spring loop, the Monkee loop, and the connection between those last two.

Take this new stuff with a big ole grain of salt and a spirit of adventure, as I rode it today from in front of my computer. When I actually ride it all, I'll post any tweaks needed, or you guys feel free to let me know of any gates or other problems you encounter. The little straight red line east of Lake Thurmond is an estimated track of FS-634, which Mapsource didn't show, but Google and the MVUM did, and it looks like the AARSES have been on it as well.

EDIT 12/3/2012 9:10 p.m.: Thanks to sdthorpe, I fixed my estimated track of FS-634 and did some slight re-routing near there as well. I also split up the tracks so none would have more than 500 points, for those of you who may have GPS's with that limitation. If you downloaded the "SC_Dirt" gpx file before now, please delete that version and get the revised one instead.

EDIT 02/20/2013 9:05 P.M.: Wlfman and I recently rode a good bit of the Southern and Eastern sections of the Monkee loop. We encountered a couple of private, gated roads and a closed NFS road. The NFS road had trees growing in it, so it wasn't just a temporary closure. I edited the GPX file to route around these areas, so feel free to re-download the latest file which is attached to this post.

EDIT 02/27/2013 9:45 P.M.: Thanks to sdthorpe, I fixed the Monkee loop part to match the AARSE's version exactly. Giving up only a wee bit of adventure, but the tradeoff is that maybe you won't get shot at.

EDIT 06/09/2014: Please note that Old State Road has been closed. I have not edited the GPX file for that. It's near the northern end of the MEOW and was a fun piece of dirt adjacent to the Congaree that ran from the Saxe Gotha area, under I-77 and on up into Cayce. It parallels 12th Street Extension, which you can take instead, which is where Amazon, Nephron Pharmaceuticals, etc. are located and is a pleasant ride, though paved.

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