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Garmin Montana or zumo?

Hello Snooker,

Your welcome and happy to assist.

Yes, the Montana is an excellent device and the addition of CNNT 2013.3 Part # 010-11269-00 or newer will allow you to navigate the street. You'll need the AMPS cradle Part # 010-11654-01, suggest the screen protector Part # 010-11654-05 and possibly a case to protect it all Part # 010-10117-02

Regarding the Bluetooth connectivity - This is an area which is less specific and is a user choice. With all of the different bikes, helmets, headsets and phones, it's important to scan available products and then drill to a specific product based on price and feature set that will work for a user.

In the cruiser market, a "Breakout Box" is usually the best choice as it can be hardwired, key switched and offers a stable platform for additional items and features. Vendors such as Autocom offer these items. The Autocom Super Pro Automatic is a good example

Sena SM-10 - We have contacted our resources at Sena and they have advised that it is the exact device you would need based on your requirements. The 3.5 jack from the Garmin Montana 650 would be inserted into the device (hardwired) and the other two pairs (maximum allowed per specs) via Bluetooth would be for the phone and other helmet headset. The cost is reasonable compared to a breakout box.

Good luck with your new GPS.

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