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Duct Tape,I too have just purchased a SE (18000 klms) and the previous owner reported no regulator problems only the fuel pump problem however as this bike is being set up for long outback trips here is what I am doing.
I have ordered a Voltage regulator from Ricks Motorsports and will also be moving it to a cooler position,I dont see any sense in carrying a spare VR as by the time you notice a problem it may be too late (cooked battery).
I have ordered a vacuum fuel pump from Alternate Cycles as this eliminates the OEM electrical pump problem.
I have also ordered a clutch slave from Oberon to eliminate that potential problem as well.
I also plan to order the CJ water pump kit.
These items cure 4 main known issues with this bike and cost about 650 US in parts and are good insurance as far as I am concerned.
I have had a KTM 690 enduro break down due to poor design and ruin a Cape York trip and dont want to be left in that situation again.
PS this 950 is the biggest baddest dirt bike the world has ever known and I love it!
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