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the xr600r plated ride 11/25/12

There may still be a few xr600r nuts in this thread that enjoy the postings of my adventures.
Here's another...
This one's about the ride, the trip, the glory of it all...
That said there's no real action of bikes' motors pegging or wheels spinning...
Just another video of the shots that I took when I got the camera out.
Sure, there was a lot more to it...
Here's what ya get.

Trailrech info;
7:18-time spent away from the truck
4:32-time spent with a motor running
273 degrees-hotest engine got-(ran at 193 durning the hightailing it back)
6,010-max rev's per minute
69.5-maximum MPH
121.5 miles-finger numbing, butt burning, bike manuvering, tire ghooshing fun...

Ride report;
Once again crossed all 3 forks of the yuba river.

Hey all...
I'm sure everyone is wondering how the ride went...
It was GREAT! I started out before the sun was up,
(sky beginning to change to blue), then got back after it was dark,
(loading bike on trailer in the dark)

You might think that's a long day, but truth is the sun shines only for a short time...
I spent the whole day absorbing it's rays as much as possable.

After final discussion about who, where and when, the plan was to drive to wavey's and transfer my bike from the trailer to his pick-up bed.
Did that, and headed out with a quick on/off for gas at the Valero.

Cruised up to G/V via 80/174 and entered the safeway parking lot where we were to meet mysticrick. Our 4th rider wasn't gonna make it so, a crew of 3 started gearing up for the fun ride ahead.

We avoided the highway by taking backroads through N/C and onto coyote street. Met up with N Bloomfeild road and went down to Edwards. No stopping there as it's dam cold
(frost on the bridge) and the yuba was in the shade.
But at the top of the mountain we refreshed at a sunny spot.

Continuing on to the historic town of N Bloomfeild we paused again in order to take advantage of the scenic surroundings for a photo opp.

Again refreshed we proceeded north and up hill till we hit cruzon grade and the saddle.
There it was back onto dirt again and down into the shady zones.
Again I followed my intuition which always seems to lead me into someones drive way for what is most likely a pot farm.
Never seen so many broken down cars and trash.
Later I heard there was a fellow hollering at us as we passed right through, not stopping.
Good thing I've done this before as I knew exactly how to get us right out of there.
So out on the side ridge heading east we proceeded to take a particular route more than once.
I mean, we came to the same place we had already been!
But me knowing that, we went round again anyway cause it was a blast.

Had another stop in the middle of no-where and refreshed.
It's warming up a bit now and were heading for german bar.
This is the reverse direction than what mysticrick likes, but it's my "normal"
from all the years spent up at the shed.
The road down to german bar is a bit tattered and rocky. It's steep yes.
Dumps ya out right by the bridge over the middle fork of the yuba river.
I had told myself that if it was sunny down there,
then this would be the place for an extended stop.
It was...we did...

mysticrick has a running thing going to visit the owners of the alleghany bar/store and this was to be our next destination.
Since the old days at the shed, I had only visited alleghany rarely due to my ohv only status.
Thus I defered to mysticrick's guidance througth the maze of top-of-the-hill roads.
We arrived there and refreshed up a bit.
The wood stove was cooking away inside and things were cozy for sure!

Time to look at the map cause I had very lofty plans
which included trying a never before riden trail called the fiddle creek trail.
The map helped us get out of town and I counted how many roads before the next turn.
Yet, still relying on mysticricks recollection of the area,
we went down a wrong road for a mile or so thinking it was "galloway".
(We don't need no stinking signs!)
Indeed, I rely on the looks of the road's direction, and it's bends to figure which is right. Yep, the next one down was galloway.
Another very steep run, shortest way possable to get down to downievile from henness pass road.
Most people perfer to go up this. Again I sent us down.
I was eventualy waved ahead to do the front as there were no more turns to take.
Was having a fine time in 2nd and 3rd until an ill fated manuver
sent me skidding straight to a stop on one of those out of control truck stopping type berms.
Still no trouble though, as davey arrived to see that indeed I made a boo boo...

Still more mountain to go down, then right into a neigborhood in downivile.
A stop there for mystic to wash his hands...
...right back on the bikes we went south on 49 for less than a mile,
headed right back onto dirt and the saddleback road.
This being another fun curvy run I think we all enjoyed,
because whether I was taking it easy or gassing it,
those guys were always right on my tail.
At the top on the saddle there's an itersection with signs pointing to
the saddleback lookout, poker flat, chimney rock ect...
...but we were on a loop and a mission to discover the fiddle creek trail.
Unfortunately we had been biting off more than we could chew...
I mean here we are absorbing sunshine, yet fully realizing that time is short.

Back on down road 25 is a mellow "down hill ridge run".
Through the eureka diggings and over bald top.
We found the exact road to turn on and took it.
A wonderful windy round canyon thing that was almost level all the way,
so was great for powerslides and gassing it.
Then we came to an intersection which required a map check,
and yep, right here we should be at 27 and 25/8
Yes...this is it, the sun is in the high trees now, the shade
and cold are coming on fast.

It was decided right there... no time to loose.
No time to do the fiddle creek trail.
It was time to just continue on down to highway 49
and hightail it back to the truck.
Although I hate to do it to the knobs, it was the best thing, all there agreed.
Thoughout the day it was rays of sun on top,
but the canyons were dark and dank.
Down through Cal-Ida and a last check with thumbs up from all...lets do this!
Hit 49 and we did the 55 limit when ever possable,
but I was extra careful in the turns because it's "slippey when wet or frosty"!
A numbing/butt burning experiance...
We made it back to the trucks and loaded up without an incident.
In fact, I never even fell over! LOL...(bad habit lately)
Damp roads of gushy mud sometimes. Most of it was perfect.
Not may people were out on this Sunday. Absolutely no dust!
Most of all...this was the best conditions you could ask for.
I had suited up at home and disrobed dirt gear back at home as well.
I had long johns on but never let on that I did...
...I don't know how those guys handled it. BUUURRRR
My fingers got cold while they sat in the summer riding gloves,
on the grips, gliding along in an ice box with a windchill factor.

The area of roads 27, and 25 where the fiddle creek trail is deserves a good deal more exploration.
We passed many, many signs begging the world to share the road with offroad hotdoggers.
(share the road)
The area is low enough to get into and use when the regular dirt riding "highcontry" is still snowed in for months!
The little extra drive beyond going to say, foresthill/georgetown should be worth it in newness, underpopulated, varying degrees of riding difficulty available to scratch out in.
Puts it high on a list for return trips.
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