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OK, got back in town two days ago.

When I got home I took the bike off the charger. Started it up, let it warm up. No signs of the original problem. Checked voltage after: 12.99 volts.

Next morning, no battery charger for at least 8 hours: 12.96 volts. Took her out for a ride later in the day. No signs of the original symptoms. No battery charger overnight.

Raining today so I thought it would be a good test to see if water has anything to do with the original symptoms. Checked battery voltage before ride: 12.93 volts. When cranking, voltage reads approximately 9+/- volts. Near 14 while bike was warming up. Ran fine. Stopped and started 3 times within 1.5 hours no problem, except the ABS wouldn't engage after the 2nd startup (alternately blinking lights).

Battery voltage after ride: approximately 13.0.

At this point I need to assume my injector-misfiring symptom was related to the ignition switch issue (I'd like to hear Beezer's opinion on this). I may still have a weak battery; although it is fairly new the cranking amps reading is low.


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