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HaHa, I see that now. Good fix with minimal tools. I think I might even be able to do that over here.

I'm not using the security screw (because it doesn't work) but it's no big issue. I do have my Montana secured to my motorcycle with a lanyard. If I go anywhere away from the bike I simply pop it off and stick it in a pocket or my lockable top case.

Thanks for the feedback.

Originally Posted by Bli55 View Post
If you look back, my lathe turns out to be a drill and a file.
And I specifically wanted a bolt much longer than the original, and with more threads on the end, so it secures the mount better and will be finger operated, with no need to faff around with extra key(tool).

You can also get -

But any machinist will be able to spin something similar out in no time!
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