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Originally Posted by FotoTEX View Post
Drivers in Texas pull over when they can to be courteous. People from other states do not realize why we do it. To outsiders that may be weird but not among us. And yes, riding in Texas can be brutal, hydrate, hydrate, and then drink some more water. Smart water is even better that time of year. Trust me, I know. Riding in Texas for over 35 years will teach you alot.

First time I witnessed this, it was a big rig rolling along at a pretty good clip. Once I figured out what he was doing, I had to wring out the SV650s to get around him. I acknowledged him with a wave and have thought Texans were some of the nicest people since. Not long after that, my sister in law and her husband moved to Texas so I get to experience the courtesy pull over at least once a year when I visit.
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