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With my setup I had a comfortable camp and 2 days or more food, two hours of backpack stove fuel, plus about 1 gallon water. When I need the range I use the Kolpin 1.5 gal on the front rack, which @ 73 MPG with the 2.3 gal tank+ 1.5 gal Kolpin gave a lot of range on the little dog 230L! I bought the Giant Loop Great Basin soft luggage because I did not want to add the weight of a rack. It works, but a pia to learn to pack until you develop a system. I strap a 40L waterproof bag on with the bulky light stuff eg my tent, sleeping bag, puffy coat. I and my family go overnight backpacking and on mountain bikes overnight thus have light stuff, but still it took a while to figure it out and a lot of time packing up. With the load on that little bike I rode singletrack and including the Naches Pass Jeep trail several times, which was a bit rough in places... and steep...But the small bike and tractor motor is easy- not fast, but unstoppable.

I will put the windshield on the WR250R to ride the CDR next year, and will use the Giant Loop Great Basin and my 40L bag.

In the 1970's I was an "adventure rider" before that term was well-known on a 2 stroke GT750 Suzuki- rode the AK Hwy, down to Baja, 44 states. On the GT750 I had a Hugon fairing, a clear plexiglas rounded thing with and extension. I learned that the fairing/ windshield adds a lot of comfort. I believe the same for my 230L or my WRR- for mileage it adds a lot of comfort.
I'm guessing you'll be liking that WR. That Giant Loop bag looks like the ticket. I'm leaning toward the Coyote model. It looks like it will hold what I need it to, plus other stuff can be strapped to the outside of it, like their dry bag, or a tent.

Plus, I may add the Wolfman tank bag for a little extra.

The windscreen looks good too, but since I need pretty much everything, I'll just have to tough it out in the wind.

Thanks for the info.
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