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Originally Posted by Chillum View Post
CNF sucks, but when they restrict access, we shall see then.
I couldn't agree more.

Cnf is not the enduro cross, nor is it the best place to ride.
But so many use it so often, and yet have so little respect for it.
I just don't want it closed.
As for the advertising part about packing heat.
It is indeed never advertised, as none of you know me, and from the hostility I am not sure i care to make it otherwise.
A CCW is just that you never know I have it or that others do as well, that is merely the point.
For you cnf suck, great, for me I'll take it anyday I can get a chance. Yes you are entitled to your opinions, I just would never ride in a place I hated so much.
You can not strengthen the weak, by weakening the strong-- Abe
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