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Originally Posted by mait View Post
Pretty shiny blue DR Big there, jimbobthebear.

Winter is coming here in the north, so I decided to do a final ride of the season 2012. A good friend came by on his XChallenge. Pretty impressive bike I have to say- reasonable weight, enough power and has very good fuel economy. So we took the bikes for a little spin in 5 degrees Celsius autumn weather. Damn it was hot, I was sweating.

An obstacle. Previously I had ridden over it without much effort:

WP Suspension at work:

Ouch! Don't worry, it didn't hurt so much and I already have one wonderful daughter. Obviously the speed was too low and I didn't lift the front end at all:

Much faster approaching speed led to better results:

It was his first try to cross the railroad and he made it :

Baltic Sea and Port of Paldiski in the background. There used to be a Soviet Submarine Base couple of decades ago:

Later that day I managed to crash. Was riding between the tracks on second gear standing on the pegs. The rear wheel started to slide out to the right. Nothing special, has happened many times before. I managed to ride on sideways for 20meters trying to save it. Finally went down. Bent bars and broken indicator:

New hairstyle:

Now I can put the bike in the garage for winter and start some mods and repairs again. The 45mm header pipe from Resi is already here, some parts from Stefan are on the way. Hopefully next season will see DR with new exhaust system and engine that does not need 1 litre oil per 500kms.
i love the look of the 750/early 800..think the restyle though sympathetic lost a little of the BRUTAL look the older models had....
heres mine

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