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Well, first off, I was at the dealer and looked at one and sat on it.
I do NOT like water cooled bikes, and the Honda is worse then many with the radiator guards sticking way out.
You don't notice it in the pictures, but sitting on it it looks silly to me.

Also, I want a bike my wife can get on the back of and we take a nice 2 or 3 hour ride.
Now I am 54 and my wife is older (don't tell anyone) and she would never get on the back of that bike, let alone do a 2 hour ride on it.

She did go on my old Daytona, and most other street bikes I have had (various Harley's, Triumphs old and new, the TU, never the dr650 or even the TW200.
She even went dirt riding on the back of the Daytona.

So a silly looking water cooled bike with a seat like a postage stamp is not going to do.

If it was just me and I was blind, the bike would be great, as I hear its quite a nice bike for the money.

Fun for me is a cool looking great sounding comfortable bike that is different from what most people ride.
I have enough skill and a low level of sense that I can go quite fast on poor bikes in the dirt, plus I am getting too old to go nuts on really fast bikes.
I can have just as much fun doing 50 mph down a trail on an sl350 as I could doing 80 on a KTM. More, because everyone has a KTM and I have not seen an sl350 on the trail in a long time.

I found it great fun to pass modern dual sports on my old Daytona in the dirt, what fun.

I am one of those people that loves to prove people wrong:
You need a great bike to go fast in the dirt...not.
That you need at least 900cc's to be safe on the street...not.

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Not vintage, but by the time you get something vintage running properly it will outprice the Honda. FI, light weight, truly made for the dirt, 250cc, liquid-cooled - what's not to like? You could always replace the rectangular headlight/number plate with a round headlight.
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