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A day in PV to handle the paper work issue

I think about my dilemma and get some advice from other ADV riders. The prevailing advice is ride back to the US/Mexico border and get it handled. Not really an option given my schedule with flights and all. I slowly pack my stuff up in San Blas and think pool side. I have googled and gotten emails on INM(Immigration) Offices, US Consulate(satellite office) and there is actually an Aduana in PV. I decide that I am going to take the day and just get it all figured out. With some patience and persistence this will all work out.

I even went armed with a fake story about a sick relative in AK and I had to fly back for an emergency. Thank you google translate. I will save everyone the pain of the entire story. The short version is after a day and four different offices. No one could do anything. Ran across some nice understanding people and some not so nice people, one lady specifically at the 2nd INM office. I am down to 2 options. 1. Get back to Mexico earlier 2. Let permit expire and apply for a 5 day travel pass. Takes 2-3 days to get is and it was vague as to how it all worked. The process had some gaps. Not making it to the border causes me to lose $400 bucks and I assume a big hassle. I was also told that if your TVIP is not valid than your insurance is not valid. Lastly they(Mexico Legal Types) can seize your bike. haven't heard of it happening but I don't like the sounds of it!!

I swallowed my pride and called and asked my boss for another favor, you know on top of the leave of absence. I am now fly back to PV on the 25(late afternoon) and start to ride on the 26. That gives me 3 days to do just over 1200 miles and make it to the Guatemala border.

This should be interesting...
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