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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
I agree with most of what you say, but I don't think 'pro' level racers slide the front wheel on purpose for some technical execution of an apex. On the other hand, it's no big deal to spin the back a little to finish a turn. Totally routine in the dirt.
I remember my buddy and I asking Geoff May how the pro guys get through VIR's very tight turn 4 while holding such a tight line. His explanation very much involved scrubbing off speed by sliding the front end into the corner and lighting up the rear to square it off. These skills go hand in hand because lighting up the rear is what saves the front end slide from becoming a crash. In the meantime, you've gotten into the corner hotter and deeper and scrubbed off more speed in the process than you could with a conventional wheels in line, high, wide, and handsome type of line.

Aaron Stevenson of Corner Speed/Corner Spin was there too, and he suggested we might not want to try that technique. My friend was a regional heavy weight twins champion at the time.

You can learn the technique in the dirt, on mini supermoto, even on a bigger supermoto if everything is working right and you have the balls to do it.

Translating it to a full sized sport bike is something else altogether.

You may be right, once these guys get to the top level, they may have tidied things up, but I believe when they are talking about getting the bike 'working', they are talking about the ability to push both ends of the bike smoothly.

One thing for sure, every one of them has a dirt riding back ground of some type and they practice their skills by riding dirt bikes.
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