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Originally Posted by 10Cup View Post

Next up is Dwight, Ill. with it's neat 50's diner and old service station.

Right across the street was another old service station complete with a neat old guy that was eager to explain all the history. I love it.

Inside was an old steam powered fire truck.

Saw these as I was rummaging around in the station too.
Those pictures brought back memories. I did the environmental cleanup on that gas station probably 11 years ago. Started with drilling borings and wells to figure out where the contamination was, then we pulled out a several hundred yards of contaminated soil. I ran the skid steer that pushed all of the clean fill back in. The pumps you found in the garage were on the island when I was there, not operating, but there. It actually was an active repair shop. The old guy that ran the place was a hoot, IIRC. It's nice to see that they fixed the place up. Thanks for a great ride report.

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